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The BSSD app is where you can get all your news for Unalakleet Schools!

News Feed

See the Daily Howl underneath the news feed section on the app. This is a simple way to see all the information about what is happening at the school including information about Spirit Week and reminders about Parent/Teacher Conference Day.


See the dates and times of events that are coming up. You can also add these events to your personal calendar in order to get reminders by clicking on the event and pressing "add to calendar."

Notification Center

When you click on the menu button and go to "notifications," you will see everything that is scheduled for that day! Things such as practices and times for basketball games can be seen there.

Upcoming Things

Soon you will be able to see more on the app such as the athletics schedule, daily students meals, and contact information for the staff members.

Turn on Notifications

Don't be afraid to turn on notifications for the app! The BSSD app will not send you notifications every time something is posted or updated, but only for specific events that the Principal Craft believes is important to notify parents about. This includes things such as delays, cancellations, or picture day! By downloading the app, we will not be  spamming your phone.